BroadEssentials, the middleware platform for BroadSign digital signage networks.
Enabling the "digital promise" of digital signage. One solution. Any connection. Any challenge.

Be ready to deliver

Are you ready to deliver the "digital promise"?

Looking for ways to predictably offer dynamic campaigns, conditional campaigns? Doing it within budget and at the same time keep everything under control?

By adding BroadEssentials to your BroadSign digital signage network, you gain instant connectivity to any data provider. One solution path for each and every use-case that pops-up.

BroadEssentials combines the power of the cloud with a seamless integration into the BroadSign network. Delivering connectivity, flexibility, scalability and managability.

Manage conditions in the cloud

BroadEssentials offers a condition-management platform in the cloud. It is designed to be the perfect companion for BroadSign. It allows you to define and manage conditions, condition rules and multiple external data provider connections in one place in the cloud.

Our cloud based solution is highly scalable, flexible and robust. It offers a uniform solution path for any type of conditional and/or dynamic content campaigns.


Moving the controlling part into the cloud, instantly brings you a rich set of cloud-abilities: Scalability, Availability and Maintainability.

The primary role of the players is to display content, respond to interactivity, handle master-slave synchronisations. 24x7. Without hickups.

The rest of the processes (managing connections, data conversions, cloud triggers, etc) is best handled in the cloud -- where it belongs.

Scheduling: Rulebased and conditional

The BroadSign rulebased content scheduling mechanism in combination with the criteria based targeting functionality, already offer unparalleled content placement flexibility.

By adding conditional content capabilities, that functionality is extended to make the content schedules responsive to external events that occur in realtime.

This works for any type of content (images, videos) including dynamic content (flash and html).