BroadEssentials adds value to BroadSign networks. One solid solution path for any challenge.
Be ready for the digital promise.

Be ready for the digital promise

BroadEssentials is a cloud platform focused on creating added value for BroadSign networks.

It offers one solid solution path for a wide range of scenarios involving dynamic content, triggered content and conditional content.

BroadEssentials combines the power of the cloud with a seamless integration with BroadSign. Scalable, secure and manageable.

Manage conditions in the cloud

BroadEssentials offers a condition-management platform in the cloud. It is designed to be the perfect companion for BroadSign. It allows you to define and manage conditions, condition rules and multiple external data provider connections in one place in the cloud.


  • Twitter - show tweets from @nytimes when new
  • Amber Alert - missing child alert
  • Traffic flow data - traffic jam detection (global)
  • Meteo - cold beer when hot and sunny
  • Custom feeds - last minute tickets, luggage origin, gate destination


A basic rule for development of BroadEssentials is to do 'the hard work' in the cloud.

Connecting to external data providers, fetching and transforming data and images, request aggregation, applying application logic, condition management is all handled and monitored in a powerful and secure cloud environment.

Store and play

One of the strong principles of BroadSign architecture is 'store and play'. This ensures a reliable play loop.

BroadEssentials embraces 'store and play' as a basic design paradigm for each application.

No hick ups, no empty templates.