Obtain actionable information from dedicated datastores.

Make data work for you

BroadEssentials collects and aggregates DOOH data and stores it in customer dedicated datastores. The dedicated datastores provide a great platform for our customers for driving campaigns, improving operations, after sales reporting and more.

Proof-of-Play data

DOOH networks generate lots of proof-of-play data. These POP data can be harvested in a variety of ways. Each method has its specific advantages and limitations. BroadEssentials supports all available methods.

Contextual data

Contextual data is related to the context of your display units. Some examples would be ‘the local temperature’, ‘a flight coming in from Melbourne’, ‘a train with delay of 6 minutes’.  A core aspect of our CloudPlatform is to constantly collect and interpret data from numerous sources for the purpose of driving campaigns.

Audience data

Audience data is one of the fundamental DOOH data entities because it provides valuable insights in actual reach. Reliable audience info can be obtained by using audience models or by actually measuring it or a combination. Having the data available allows for fine grained campaign targeting and pacing.

Proof-of-Display data

Proof-of-display is another data-type generated during play-outs. BroadEssentials offers a solution to receive and store the screenshots for each player in time. Images can be selected and displayed. This will help in analysis work and customer requests.

BroadEssentials data modules

Over the years, we have been developing a wide range of data solutions. Most of the solutions are immediately available as an off the shelve module or even by default incorporated in the BroadEssentials CloudPlatform.

However, if we do not have a standard solution available, we will not hesitate to do the necessary development work tailored to the needs of our customer. Feel free to discuss the options.