Connecting with people by innovative touch detection technology.

Making screens interactive

BroadEssentials Touch makes outdoor screens interactive. A light touch at the indicated spot will interrupt the advertising loop and trigger dedicated scheduled content.

How a human touch triggers spot-on content

The BroadEssentials Touch button contains an innovative touch detection technology. The button is mounted behind the frontpanel. The cable is plugged in the USB port of the media player. Due to the seamless integration with BroadSign, the appropriate content can be triggered.

Perfect for tourist information and product info

A human touch triggers the scheduled content. Advanced interaction scenarios can be implemented with subsequent touches which could trigger additional content. After a timeout period, the display will return to the normal play loop. Use Touch for city maps, mall wayfinding, tourist information, close-by-restaurants, nearby shops, product information or any combination.

State of the art technology

BroadEssentials Touch solution is a combination of solid hardware, state of the art sensor technology and water-shock-dust proof housing. A key feature is that the touch detection algorithm can be parameterized. This helps getting the solution in tune with different display unit casings and front panels.

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