Enjoy our Campaign Support from concept tot report.

Data driven campaigns made easy

BroadEssentials offers Campaign Support as a service. We turn any campaign idea into reality. Utilising our profound experience in combination with our robust CloudPlatform tooling.

How does it work?

Select our full service approach or let us in on the process to fill the gaps where needed. Our service spans the whole process; from concepting, visual design, data analysis, API integrations, HTML5 coding, scheduling, up to reporting.

Analysis before we start

The main objective is to collect all ingredients needed to setup a campaign plan. Which resources, data (which API integrations) and type of content (mp4, html5) are needed? And what timelines, screen types and scenarios have to be taken into account?

Creating HTML5 packages

Successfully creating a full-featured, dynamic HTML AdCopy package requires a thoughtful and skilled process. We’ve invested in modern tooling and workflows to make this a repeatable and efficient process with predictable outcome. This helps us to create high quality HTML 5 packages that simply run and provide the feedback required.


Before the campaign goes live, it is common practice to test the behaviour. We have several tools and processes laid out to do both the visual testing aspect as the dynamic data testing. Once all tests are passed, the campaign is ready to be scheduled.


The next step is the actual scheduling on the network. The data driven campaigns will benefit from the BroadEssentials platform features like making AdCopy conditional, use dynamic pacing and targeting specific audiences.


Basic campaign performance reporting is available in BroadSign. More detailed performance reports are based on Proof of Play data (POP) and Proof of Display data (POD). BroadEssentials provides POP/POD support.
Please feel free to contact us on +31 20 2614658. We’d love to put some extra magic to your campaign.