BroadEssentials POP Log-to-DB

Need for premium Proof of Play data from BroadSign?

BroadEssentials POP Log-to-DB

The impact of all your players. In one clear overview, updated every day. Wouldn’t that be very helpful? Get the most out of your BroadSign domain data with our new POP Log-to-DB. This database service groups and stores Proof of Play information of your entire network in a dedicated easy access database.

All your players in one solution

Where BroadSign logs the performance of each individual player, we offer you an essential database solution that provides you insights in the performance of all your players. Time, location, content played: all the information you need is available. Safe and tailored.

Carefree and always up to date

BroadEssentials POP Log-to-DB proves its value every day. The database is carefree and managed by us. It fetches the previous day’s data from your BroadSign domain. We take care of configuring the datamodel, aggregation levels and keeping your data up to date.

Boost your Business Intelligence

Create impactful campaign reports and include spot on charts, diagrams and statistics. Use it for after sales, finance, troubleshooting and process improvement. Our POP Log-to-DB is secure, scalable and extensible with BroadSign Core data, HTML POP, POP Live and audience data.

Monthly license fee

POP Log-to-DB is available for an accessible monthly license fee, based on network size and archive requirements. Access is easy, using any standard business analytics tool. Please contact us for pricing and more info.